Master of Accounting
Vision Statement:

To be distinguished in the academic and research  field in Accounting.

Mission Statement:

To become distinguished through the application of academic programs that are consistent with international accounting standards, leading to preparing distinguished and experienced students provided with knowledge, skills, and deep understanding for the accounting career and its ethics, and capable to keep up with the technological & scientific development.

Strategic Goals:
  1. Providing students with scientific & applied accounting knowledge to enable them to solve all the current accounting issues.
  2. Providing students with both knowledge & awareness necessary to understand the accounting science and to keep up with its development.
  3. Providing the proper knowledge in order to highlight the role of the accounting science in modern societies and at all cultural, social, technological, and economic levels.
  4. Supporting the scientific, research production and other scientific activities of the department members.
Overview  of  Department:

The department of Master of Accounting was established in the academic year 2012 / 2013. The department has 8 faculty members and teaches 57 students.

The most important accomplishments of the department of Master of Accounting are:
  • Rising the capacity of the section from 40 students to 66 students.

Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name:  A Master degree in Accounting (English).

Program Outputs: Offer students a Master degree in Accounting.

Department Council:




Dr. Osama S. Shaban

Associate Prof.

Head of Accounting Dept.

Dr. Abdallah K. Atieh

Assistant Prof.

Quality Assurance Representative and Dept. Representative

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