Momentum for Deanship, in line with, vision, mission and objectives of the university, found impetus in holding and carrying out the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation of the annual budget for scientific research and graduate studies.
    • Disposition of the scientific research strategy for the coming years and suggestion of research proposals that gives priority to keep pace with the requirements of comprehensive and sustainable development.
    • Supporting researchers to participate in specialized scientific conferences and present results of their research work and in return bear the fruits and welfare.
    • Entrusting enough and special diligence to productive outputs, e.g. incubators, and intellectual property with potency that simultaneously procures the university’s and researchers’ rights.
    • Divert conjoint and of distinctive quality research proposals for support from the Higher Research Council.
    • Supporting research of distinctive students. In particular, graduation projects at different faculties.
    • Evaluation and assessment of staff members conducted research and reports during sabbatical leave from the university.
    • Prudence of studies, authoring, translation, inquisition and reviewing from foreign languages to Arabic language published by the deanship.
    • Evaluate textbooks and arbitration.