Responsibilities of Graduate Studies Council


  1. The establishment of graduate studies programs in various disciplines and granting of the scientific degree programs.
  1. Looking after and supporting graduate students Theses.
  1. Collaborate with the various faculties affiliated in the development and creation of a new graduate programs based on the extensive studies and commensurate with the needs of the community and the potential of the university and within the approved quality assurance framework.
  1. Determine the number of admissions to graduate students in various university disciplines.
  1. Analysis of suggested study plans by the faculties.
  1. Increase scientific and academic exchanges and cooperation between the University and Jordanian, Arab and international universities.
  1. Follow-up academic supervision of graduate students and the development of tools and standards for controlling the quality of supervision and the preparation of theses.
  1. Establishing procedures and instructions for registering theses, and selecting examining committees.
  1. Preparation of lists to grant degrees for the Council of Deans after verification of the fulfillment of students governed by the graduation criteria.
  2. Set up a data base for postgraduate studies and research carried out by students and faculty members.