Responsibilities of Research Council


  1. Consolidating, Supervision and Directing of research centers work.
  2. Optimal utilization of available and limited resources
  3. Increase human resources to work as researchers on scientific research projects supported internally and externally
  4. Provide the necessary equipment and materials for scientific research projects
  5. Providing appropriate research environment
  6. Promote the dissemination of scientific output (research and patents, studies, translations, and manuscripts).
  7. Marketing of promising research projects
  8. Support for hardworking and innovative scholars and support their academic development and improvement by increasing research rewards, incentives.
  9. Emphasis on research methods inclusiveness and complementarity and enhance coordination with the scientific research and development institutions, both domestically and internationally.
  10. Support researchers to attend conferences or workshops, seminars local or international.
  11. Support of research projects for the purposes of development in Jordan and the world.
  12. Participation in book fairs and holding exhibitions for research projects inside and outside the university periodically and regularly.
  13. Dissemination of studies and data from the research activities in all departments and faculties of the university.
  14. Build a complete database containing scientific research, researchers and graduation projects and made available to all through the Scientific Research Website highlighting key performance indicators related to excellence.
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