The Research Council

The Research Council is composed as follows:

Dean of Scientific / president 

  • The Academic Research Council (ARC) inspires disposition of scientific research strategy and suggests proposals and policies that are of priority to Jordan.  Additional ARC responsibilities and jurisdiction include:
  • Depicting the priorities and general policies of academic research.
  • Drafting the principles of cooperation and coordination with concerned institutions.
  • Discussing and approving research proposals.
  • Discussing the annual report and budget for the deanship of academic research.
  • Evaluating and recommending edited and translated manuscripts for publication.
  • Discussing other issues pertaining to academic research.

The Academic Research Council (ARC) consists of:

  • Dean of Academic Research – Chairman.
  • Eight faculty members selected by the Deans’ Council upon endorsement of the Dean of Academic Research for a renewable period of two years.
  • Two members from outside the university with interest and experience in scientific research selected by the Deans’ Council upon the blessing of the Dean of Academic Research.
  • The council is entitled to invite one or more personnel involved in academic research to attend its meeting, without a right to vote.


The Research Council for the academic year 2016/2015

Prof. Mahmoud Iskandarani / Dean of Scientific Research President

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Almhirat / Vice Dean of Scientific Research member
Prof. Bani Walid Khalaf Salama / Faculty of Engineering and Technology,  member 
Dr. Saeb Frhan Ganaadh / Faculty of Economics and Science Aladarih- member
Dr. Majid and Wasfi Harb / Faculty of Arts member
Dr. Khaled Hassan Sulaiman / College of Nursing - member
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Aaalah / Faculty of Science and IT-members
Dr.. Rima Abdul Karim Abu Khalaf / Faculty of Pharmacy member
Prof. Nasser Mohammed Dkidk / University Alaptra- member
Dr. Anwar Hamdan Al-Assaf / King Abdullah Design and promising post member