Posed by the Deans Council as follows:
• Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies / Chairman.
• Deans pose graduate programs/ members.
• Two experienced chosen by the Council of Deans from outside the university / members.
• The duration of the Council is one academic year; renewable.


  • The Council has the right to invite one or more of those concerned with graduate studies to participate in its meetings without the right to vote.
  • Members of the Board of Graduate Studies for the academic year 2014/2015

Members of Graduate Studies Council 2014/2015


Dean of Graduate Studies.

Prof. Dr. Turki I. Obaidat


Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy.

Prof. Dr. Ghassan Abu Sheikha


Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Saad Ghalib Yassin


Dean of Faculty of Science and Information Technology.

Prof. Dr. Ali Asad Daoud

from outside the University


Al-Esraa University

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Faieyomi


Middle East University

Dr. Ahmad Al-Zamel