To get to creative student in the fields of Culture and Arts


To disseminate Cultural and intellectual activities that deal with the development of creative students.

Respond sibilates:

This department works to develop extra-curricular

activities through its cultural programs; it also provides proper opportunities for discovering and enhancing students creative abilities in poetry, storytelling, and drama writing in addition to the artistic abilities in stage craft , drawing and sculpture . The arts section takes care of talented and creative students, and the cultural section candles the cultural and literary side by providing opportunities for the students’to participate in various activities that they are interested in doing.



  • Participating in training students on cultural writing.
  • Supporting student activities.
  • Strengthening national and intellectual loyalty.
  • Encouraging and helping talented students
  • Reinforcing traditional and civilized values among the students.


Ways forAchievement ofObjectives

  • Organizing various training courses for the students.
  • Organizing evening for poetry readings.
  • Helping students to visit cultural Centers.
  • Encouraging students’ participation in cultural and art competitions.
  • Organizingstudents’ meetings with writers.
  • Organizing exhibitions of culture and art.
  • Arranging forstudents’ participation in conferences and cultural events held by Jordanian universities
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