Office of Social Work

First: Responsibilities

  1. Participating in social events like religious and national events
  2. Issuing university student cards
  3. Following up of foreign students’ affairs in liaison with the office of the Head of official dealings and Procedures


  1. Strengthening students relations with society within the formwork of individual faculties and the university as a whole
  2. Organizing all social and voluntary activities in cooperation with local community institutions
  3. Celebrating national and religious days
  4. Refining student’s personality through encouraging him/ her to creatively participate in voluntary work and organizing student trips

Office of student Services


The office of Student Services aims to provide services that students need while pursuing their university studies and prepares the means which they need in performing the various social and voluntary activities.

The office organizes elections for the University Student Council hoping to encourage students to take part in public affairs like general elections.

It is keen on strengthen national and religious celebrations.


  1. Enhancing students’ loyalty to the country, the Hashemite leadership and the university.
  2. Activating students’ role in social, cultural, scientific and voluntary activities.
  3. Liaisining with university administration in solving students’ problems and preserving their legal rights in their university affairs
  4. Organizing seminars, talks and leisurely trips for students to occupy their free time and get protection from the challenges of time.
  5. having the Students’ Council participate actively in university exhibitions and celebrations
  6. Encouraging students to take active part in elections for students’ council
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