Faculty Objectives: 

1.Creating an academic atmosphere with which staff members and students interact during the public and specialized lectures as well as during other cultural activities.
2.Encouraging scientific research and preparing specialized studies in topics of concern to the Faculty and the staff members and students.
3.Participating in local, regional and international seminars and conferences as well as organizing such meetings and participating in their committees.
4.Developing the current study plans applied in the Faculty, going along with the requirements of the era and with what it witnesses of technology and teaching methodology advancement.
5.Creating new specialties in light of the needs of the local, regional and international communities and the labor market.
6.Training students on reasonable and rationale thinking and on preparing and carrying out research and studies related to their fields.
7.Creating a post–graduate program in light of the available assets in accordance with the special accreditation standards for such programs.
8.Training the University students through the University requirements on the basic skills of using both Arabic and English in their fields and expanding the students’ horizons about the importance of their role in developing society and solving its problems.
9.Enhancing ties between the University and local community through holding training courses in Arabic and English, and through coordination with The Consultations, Studies and Community Service Center at the University.
Faculty Vision:
The Faculty of Art aims to achieve excellent in the fields of Translation, Literature, Graphic Design, the Arabic Language, Modern Languages and Class-Teacher
Faculty Mission :
Our mission is to graduate well prepared, qualified and competent Carders who have the ability to integrate and cooperate with all sectors of the society .For that, Faculty employs highly competent instructors and provides student with the most recent technological resources to help them develop their thinking and creative abilities.