Department’s Vision:

Achieving distinction locally and regionally in design arts, serving community through positive influence and interaction, and creating a visual environment that reflects the community’s needs and adds values of beauty to its ethical values.


Department’s Message:

The Department of Fine Arts was established in the academic year of 2001/2002, and its first class graduated in 2004/2005. The department follows an academic, artistic policy that draws upon the development of handmade arts into the latest technology of these arts through dealing with the latest methods and means of visual contact, and by providing an opportunity for students to practice all means of communication through an integrated course that covers all fields of knowledge, whether theoretical or practical.


The Department’s Objectives:

The preparation of the designer who is able to do the following:

1.      Creative expression and technical application using tools, substances, and raw materials, and dealing with the various modern visual communication means.

2.      Developing artistic methods and techniques to solve design problems in all areas.

3.      Preparing graduates with the ability of conducting artistic, scientific research.

4.      Encouraging and developing scientific research through holding technical conferences and cultural and artistic workshops, in order to create a research environment that allows the student and teacher access new concepts and visions in the field of specialization.

5.      Preparing graduates with cultural and artistic distinction.