The vision of the faculty

The vision of the faculty is based on providing the students with quality programs, in an accelerating world of knowledge which would lead them to a comprehensive knowledge which would enable them to become efficient members in the society.

The message of the faculty

The faculty lures highly qualified professors who seek to provide students with thinking and analysis skills, and encourages self learning by benefiting from different learning aids.

The objectives of the faculty

1-    To encourage scientific research and prepare specialized studies in topics relevant to the faculty for staff members and students.

2-    To take part in seminars, local and regional conferences and hold such conferences as well as take part in committees.

3-    To develop the study plans in line with the demands of the age and the development in technology and methods of teaching.

4-    To establish new areas of specialty in the light of the needs of the local and regional societies and the labor market.

5-    To create higher Education program in light of the potentials and in line with the private accreditation of these programs.

6-    To train students of the University through the required courses to master the basic skills in using Arabic and English languages in their areas of study in addition  to broadening the awareness of the students on the significance of their role in the development of the society and addressing its issues.

7-    To enhance the communication between the university and the local society through holding training courses in Arabic and English through the coordination with the counseling centre , studies and community service.