.The Department of French and English Languages and literatures

The Department of French and English Languages and literatures is one of the important achievement of Al-Zaytoonah Private University because it is the only department of its kind among all public and private Universities in Jordan. It was established in 2001 and its first graduates were in 2004-2005.
The Department offers courses in other European languages such as Spanish. The study program is made of 132 credit hours that cover courses in literature, translation and linguistics.
The Department is proud of their distinguished staffs who are graduated from France and the United States. 
The Department promotes the relationships between the University and the French official and non-official institutions in Jordan in order to help students obtain scholarships and linguistic training in foreign countries. These relationships help graduates find jobs 
In addition to the Department's concern with its academic programs, it is also concerned with cultural activities that develop students' character and national pride.


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