Vision Statement:

The department commits itself to becoming a model of excellence for high quality education program in the area of tourism management.

Mission Statement:

The department is keen on keeping high standards and excellence in performance by providing students with high quality education skills and values in the field of tourism and hospitality which is the fastest growing industry in the world.

Strategic Goals:

  • To prepare qualified and trained students in the tourism sector.
  • To support the economic, social and tourism plan in Jordan.
  • To prepare graduates who are well equipped with knowledge and hospitality skills to work in the tourism labor market according to the tourism strategic plans.
  • To develop new topics and areas in the tourism industry.

Overview  of  Department:

The department of  Tourism Management was established in the academic year 2013 / 2014. The department has 4 faculty members and teaches 40 students. The department faculty have produced 74  texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals.

Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name: Tourism Management
Program Outputs: Bachelor in Tourism Management

Department Council:




Dr. Mohammed Ashour

Assistant Professor

Head of the Department of Tourism Management

Prof . Hameed Abdulnabi Ajjah Aldebi


Department member

Dr. Osama Subhi AlFaouri

Assistant Professor

Department member

Dr. Nouria Flaeh  Al-Juboori

Assistant Professor

Department member


Study Plan

Course Brief Description
Course Description


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