Vision Statement:

To create excellence academic and research in both locally and regionally in the field of business administration

Mission Statement:

Work according to high quality academic, professional and ethical standards, which lead to the preparation of qualified students with scientific and technological development in the field of business administration to service the labor market locally and regionally

Strategic Goals:

  • To improved the scientific programs to adapt to advancements in the field of business administration.
  • Provide the latest book editions and scientific resources.
  • Improved the post graduate programs in the business administration department
  • Support the scientific research and other activities for the department members
  • To ensure that our graduates meet the high quality standards according to the quality assurance program
  • Strengthen the relationship between the department and students through supervision and guidance

Overview  of  Department:

The department of Master Administration was established in the academic year 2005 / 2006. The department has 4 faculty members and teaches 40 students. The department has graduated 9 groups of alumni. The department faculty have produced 45 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 30 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.

The most important accomplishments of the department of Master Administration are:

  • Improve of a master’s program in business administration
  • Continuous scientific research by faculty members
  • Implementation of quality assurance procedures

Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name: Master of Business Administration


Program Outputs: Master degree of Business Administration



Department Council:




Dr. Naser Abdul Karim Nsor

Associate Professor

Dean of Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences

Dr. Abdul Azez B. Alnidawy

Associate Professor

Department Member

Dr. Saad G .Yaseen


Head of the Department of Business Administration

Dr. Firas Sulaiman Al-Shalabi

Associate Professor

Department Member


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