Dr. Abdalla  Atia
Associate Professor and Head of Accounting
Vision Statement:

Achieving excellence in terms of academic programs as well as research activities locally and internationally in accordance with international quality assurance standards.


Mission Statement:

Excellence in teaching programs and research activities through the implementation of an academic program that corresponds to the latest advancement in the accounting profession in order to produce high quality graduates equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding for an effective and valued career in the accounting fields locally and internationally.

Strategic Goals:
  1. Provide students with acquired knowledge on the basic principles of the new world of business.
  2. Enhance students capabilities with the necessary technical skills needed to support their career path.
  3. Provide students the appropriate knowledge in order to solve problems related to accounting educational, social, technical and economical issues.
  4. Support scientific research and other activities for the department members.
Overview  of  Department:

The department was established in the academic year 1993 / 1994. The department has 25 faculty members and teaches 1387 students. The department has graduated 18 groups of alumni, with 3807 of these being bachelor degree holders . The department faculty have produced 110 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 60 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.

The most important accomplishments of the department of Accounting are:
  1. Offer students a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Accounting.
  2. Updating the course plans.
  3. Over a hundred research papers has been published in a reputed, refereed, and scientific journals.
Programs Offered By The Department:
Program Name: A Bachelor degree in Accounting (Arabic and English).

A Master degree in Accounting (English).

Program Outputs: Offer students a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Accounting.

Department Council:




Dr. Abdallah K. Atieh

Associate Prof.

Head of Accounting Dept.


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