Dr. Saeb Farhan Al Ganideh
Head of Marketing Department
Vision Statement:

Distinctiveness on both scientific and academic levels in order to reserve a leading scientific position among local and regional marketing academic departments.

Mission Statement:

Work on preparing and qualifying technical expertise who are  capable of distinction, development  and innovation while conducting marketing activities.


Strategic Goals:
  1. Improving and developing the educational process  and undertaking  a comprehensive teaching plan  to accommodate the needs of local society and required global scientific level.  
  2. Undertaking  interaction, integration and specialization in building and preparing capable and qualified expertise in the field of marketing.
  3. Motivate students and encourage them  to learn, excel and indulge in scientific research and production and contribute in constructive interaction with the community.
  4. Encourage high quality scientific research for staff and for students.
  5. Develop methods and means of e-learning and pay attention to sources of educational technologies while adopting the latest references and equipment’s.


Overview  of  Department:

The department  was established in the academic year 2013 / 2014. The department has 3 faculty members and teaches 12 students. The department faculty have produced 45 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 11 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.


The most important accomplishments of the  Master of Marketing are:
  1. Offering a  master degree program in marketing starting from  Spring 2013/2014.
  2. Most staff research work is published in high quality global academic journals.
  3. Participating actively in the international annual conference of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan.
  4. Developing a high quality study plan which matches the department's vision and local, regional and global changes.
  5. Interaction actively with local community, governmental organizations and non-profit organizations.



Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name:      Master in Marketing

Program Outputs:  Master in Marketing


Department Council:




Hameed Abdulnabi Ajjah



Saeb Farhan Al Ganideh                                 

Associate Professor

Head of the Department of Marketing

Abdel Hafeez Hussien Alhroot                        

Assistant Professor




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