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Welcome to Alternative Energy Technology Department

Dr. Malik Alamayreh Head of Department

The department offers an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor degree in Alternative Energy Technology after successfully passing 132 credit hours. The program is a technology major focused on the technological fields in alternative energy developments with about %50 of credit hours in this program curriculum are practical. The program covers many important fields such as the installation, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy systems and its uses, power management and theories, solar energy systems, wind energy, thermal energy, bio energy, waste management, hybrid systems, and nuclear energy.

Our Bachelor program in alternative energy technology is a unique chance to understand the conversion and use of energy in our society. The program successfully combines effective teaching and in-depth practical learning.

  • Solar Thermal energy workshop
  • Solar electrical energy workshop
  • Applications of Wind and hydraulic Energy workshop
  • Bioenergy and waste management workshop
  • Simulation and modeling labs
  • Laboratories in Heat transfer, measurements, electrical circuit, thermal fluids, electronics and combustion.



The student will gain experience in a special field of energy research and training in industry. The department is preparing for ABET accreditation.


The vision of our department is to be a well-established in alternative energy technology, energy efficiency improvements, energy economy teaching and research institution. .



Upgrading process technology and applied education and effectiveness of fortifying the students with knowledge and experience in the field of alternative energy technology and to achieve a partnership with industrial firms in the public and private sectors.



The provision of basic knowledge in the principles of alternative energy technology along with the necessary knowledge to support math, science, computers, and the focus is on the field of alternative energy technology.



Communication skills:

Develop the ability to organize information and present it effectively, whether orally or in writing or graphics .



Preparation of the profession :

Provide a broad estimate of the problems that arise in professional practice, including teamwork , leadership, safety , ethics and service , economy and professional organizations .communication skills :







No Name Rank Position


Dr. Malik Alamayrah Assistant Professor Head of Department


Dr.Sami Aldalahmeh Assistant Professor Member
3 Eng. Eman Abd Alhafaz Instructor member



Academic Staff

No Name Specialization Rank Short C.V. Detailed C.V.
1 Dr. Malik Alamayrah
Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Sami Aldalahmeh
Electrical Engineering
Assistant Professor
2 Eng. Eman Abd Alhafaz
Mechanical Engineering


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