Dr. Zaidoun Turki Abu Salem, Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering and Infrastucture offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, major in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering to overcome the need for engineering education and training in the field of Civil and infrastructure engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering provide a stimulating and supportive environment for high-standard education; to prepare graduates for a lifelong productive career in addressing problems in a rapidly-changing world, while instilling in them an appreciation of leadership qualities, professionalism, and ethics; to provide professional services of the highest quality to the community; and to contribute to expanding the knowledge and technological base in civil and infrastructure engineering. 

The department is enrolled by qualified professors in the field of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering; who are capable to strength the science of civil engineering in the University. The Department offers the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree after successfully passing 160 credit hours. Currently the B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering can be obtained in the specialization of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. The department is equipped with a state-of the-art Laboratories that could serve both the students and the local society; including lab for structures and material constructions, lab for soil mechanics and foundation engineering, lab for hydraulics and water treatments, as well as lab for roads and pavement design, and lab for survey.


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering education to provide students with knowledge and experience in the field of Civil engineering and Infrastrucutre and achieve partnership with industry in both public and private sectors.


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering education to provide students with knowledge and experience in the field of Civil engineering and Infrastrucutre and achieve partnership with industry in both public and private sectors.


1. Technical Knowledge – Provide a basic knowledge of electrical engineering principles along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering fundamentals. Emphasis is made on the specialty area of Computer and Communications.
2. Communications Skills – Develop the ability to organize and present information effectively whether orally, written and graphically.
3. Preparation for Further Study – Provide sufficient breadth and depth for successful subsequent graduate study, post-graduate study and lifelong learning programs.
4. Preparation for the Profession – Provide an appreciation for the broad spectrum of issues arising in professional practice, including teamwork, leadership, safety, ethics, service, economics, and professional organizations.

 About The Department:

The Department was established in the Year 2009. The number of its teaching staff members is 12 instructors. The number of its enrolled students is 447, where one classes have graduated including 14 graduates with B.Sc. The number of research papers by the teaching staff members up to this date has reached 2 papers published in refereed international journals and 5 papers published in international, Arab, and local conferences. 

 The most important accomplishments of the Department are as follows:

   1. Updating the Department’s course plan and education resources to suit the Department’s vision for the education process.    2. Encouraging teaching staff members to conduct scientific research and publish in refereed  scientific journals and international conferences.    3. Organizing a number of curricular and extracurricular activities for the purpose of communicating and interacting with the community 

 Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name: Bachelor’s program in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure  Program outcomes:  a) An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. b) An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data. c) An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs. d) An ability to function in teams. e) An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems. f) An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. g) An ability to communicate effectively. h) A broad education necessary to understand the impact of electrical engineering solutions in a global and societal context. i) A recognition of the need for an ability to engage in life-long learning. j) A knowledge of contemporary issues. k) An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

 Department Council:

 No  Name  Rank Position

Dr. Raed Abanda Assistant Professor Member
2 Prof. Subhi Bazlamit Professor Member
Prof.  Turki Obaidat  Professor University President
Dr.Fawzi algrar Assistant Professor Member
Dr. Omar Alghazawi Assistant Professor Member
6 Dr. Hesham Ahmad Assistant Professor Member
Dr. Zaydoun Abu Salem Assistant Professor  Chairman Department
Dr. Nabeel Al-hazeem Associate Professor  Member
Dr. Moshrik Hamdi Assistant Professor  Member
10  Dr. Raed Al-Saleh Assistant Professor  Member
11  Dr. Rana Al-hourani Assistant Professor  Member
12  Dr. Mousa Bani Baker Assistant Professor  Member
13 Moustafa qteshat Instructor  Member
14 Walaa Al-Mhairt Instructor 


15 Doha Shhada Highway engineering


 Academic Staff:


 Name  Specialization  Rank  Short C.V.

 Detailed C.V.

Dr. Raed Abanda Structure  Assistant Professor  
2 Prof. Subhi M. Bazlamit Highway engineering  Professor (Dean)
Prof.  Turki Obaidat  Highway engineering Professor (University President)
Dr.Fawzi algrar Assistant Professor
Dr. Mousa Bani Baker Assistant Professor   
Dr. Zaydoun Abu Salem Water Resources&Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor (Chairman)  
Dr. Omar Alghazawi Structure   Assistant Professor  
Dr. Hesham S. Ahmad  Project managment Assistant Professor  
Mustafa Qtaishat Water engineering  Instructor    
10 Walaa Al-Mhairt Highway engineering Instructor 

11  Dr. Nabeel Al-hazeem Associate Professor  
12  Dr. Moshrik Hamdi Water Resources&Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor  
13  Dr. Raed Al-Saleh Assistant Professor  
14  Dr. Rana Al-hourani Assistant Professor  
15 Doha Shhada Highway engineering Instructor 
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