Quality Assurance Office at the faculty was established simultaneously with the launch of the quality assurance program adopted by the University early 2011, the office was prepared and equipped with the necessary communications equipment and necessary to retain and process all document. It was linked to the network of the University, which will be the base to save relevant document and files to ensure quality in the faculty. The office of Quality Assurance represents the link between the Quality assurance committee in the Faculty and all components of academic departments, boards of governance and working committees at the Faculty, departments and staff. The Office works to follow-up tasks to ensure quality in the Faculty through the retaining of documents and procedures, and models based on the issued and distributed to all concerned, each according to its competence and scope of his work.

 Tasks of the Director of Quality Assurance Office in the Faculty:

  1. Prepare the Faculty quality assurance manual, procedures, forms and documents, in order and working to distribute them among all employees at the faculty.the office is also responsible for upgrading of all these documents.
  2. Follow-up procedures and proper use of models, and ensure the effectiveness of the procedures and good performance of quality results in Faculty, conductperiodic check on the all workers, councils, committees and departments.
  3. Carry out internal audit on the components of the Faculty and its employees to detect cases of non-compliance and work to remove them.
  4. Participate effectively in meetings of the Committee for Quality Assurance in faculty and documentation of meetings, follow-up decisions, and provide periodic reports to them.
  5. Participate effectively in meetings of the Committee to ensure quality academically at the University, and receive guidance and instructions, including the submission of periodic reports, and cooperating with them to keep up with application of the regulations apply and quality standards applicable at the University, and a commitment to all its decisions from the guidance, decisions and instructions of the work.
  6. Work to promote the culture of quality in the University and the Faculty exclusively, through meetings, seminars and periodic studies, participation in workshops and meetings for quality inside and outside the University.
  7. Supervise and follow-up of all the paintings, publications and brochures for the announcement of the adoption of a quality system in faculty, and ensure public statement is clear to see the faculty and its mission and objectives for all staff and students.
  8. Continuously and periodically poll the views of specialists, staff and faculty at the Faculty and its students and community groups about what is being implemented in the faculty of procedures, methodology, scientific activities and extracurricular.

 Achievements of the Quality Assurance Office in the faculty:

  • Working on the ABET Accreditation in order to seek to achieve the adoption of quality assurance certificate in ABET.
  • Enhance awareness of quality assurance among faculty members and administrators.
  • Hold a series of meetings with department heads and secretaries of the Departments and Deanship in order to begin the documentation process at the faculty.

 Director of Quality Assurance office:

  • Eng. Eman “Ahmed Muneer” Abdelhafez/ Jordanian, working at the University since 2009.
  • Specialized: Mechanical Engineering
  • Department: Mechanical Engineering / Air conditioning and Refrigeration Systems


  • Director of Quality Assurance Office at the Faculty in April 2011.
  • Member of the Executive Committee for Quality Assurance / academically.
  • Member of the quality assurance committee in the faculty.
  • Member of the Faculty deanship list since 2009
  • Certified Quality Manager from Jordan Society for Quality in April 2013.
  • Participating in “QMS Internal Audit (ISO 9001:2008)” Workshop organized by the Jordan Academy for Quality Management from 2nd/9/2013 to 4th/9/2013.
  • Participating in “Self-evaluation for academic programs” Workshop organized by the Association of Arab Universities from 15th/6/2013 to 16th/6/2013.
  • Participating in “Institutional Assessment Based on the European Model (EFQM)” organized by the Association of Arab Universities, Strategic Center Organization Performance Improvement (SCOPI) and Petra University from 27th/4/2013 to 29th/4/2013.
  • Participating in “Using Baldrige Scoring System for Internal Quality Assurance ” Workshop organized by the Association of Arab Universities and Al-zaytoonah University of Jordan at 4th / 4 /2013.
  • Participating in “Preparation of self-assessment document for Academic programs ” Workshop organized by the Association of Arab Universities and Al zaytoonah University of Jordan at 4th / 4 /2013.
  • Participating in “Quality Management and Excellence Diploma/ Certified Quality Manager” organized by The University of Jordan and Jordan Society for Quality during the period from 15th/9/2012 -15th/1/2013.
  • Member of Quality Assurance Committee in the Department of Electrical Engineering from 2009 to 2011.
  • Participating in “Project Management Training & Certification Program (PMP)” workshop that was presented by Engineers Training Center / Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) during the period from 20/3/2010 -21/4/2010.

 Contact Us:

Address of the Office of Quality Assurance: Alzaytoonah University of Jordan / Faculty of Engineering / Office No. 6211, first floorTel: +962 -6- 4291511Fax:+962 -6- 4291432





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