Excellence in the field of engineering education and scientific research to achieve sustainable development at the local and regional level.


 Work according to academic standards and high quality scientific lead to meet the needs of the community and the local and regional engineering sector qualified staff and achieve partnership with industry in the public and private sectors.


1. Excellence in education – The faculty strives for excellence in education at the undergraduate level. Students receive high-quality basic and advanced engineering education with emphasis placed on critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, ethical and professional behavior, leadership, and creating life-long learners.
2. Excellence in research – The faculty strives for excellence in research, by providing students and faculty members with quality research environment and adequate laboratory facilities. Faculty members attract funding and contribute to state-of-the-art research in the different fields of engineering. Ties with researchers at renowned industrial and academic institutions and with professional organizations are maintained to advance the professional development of faculty members and students.
3. Excellence in service – The faculty strives for excellence in services to the University, to local and international professional organizations, and to the community at large, with special consideration given to the needs of Jordan and the region.
4. Outstanding faculty and students – The faculty attracts excellent students to its programs, and attracts and retains outstanding faculty members, It provides a supportive environment for the development of both faculty members and students, and encourages students-faculty interactions through curricular and extra-curricular activities.