Conferences and scientific achievements 

The college has multiple achievements in various fields on the local and regional level. At the regional level, the College has got three awards:-

1. Award recognizes organizations peer business excellence for the year 2011 presented by the Scientific Association of Colleges of Nursing of the Arab Union of Arab Universities.

2. Award honoring outstanding business professors peer posed by Scientific Association of Colleges of Nursing of the Arab Union of Arab Universities has obtained Dr. Khaled Suleiman in 2011.

3. Won second place in the College Student Forum creative fourteen of the Federation of Arab Universities, which was submitted in the Arab Republic of Egypt research came from the student Bdoor Aljboor supervised by Dr. Andaleeb Abu Kamel.

On the other hand, at the local level, the College of Nursing witnessed in 2011-2012 distinctive actions as:
1. the seventh scientific day and was entitled “Nursing in Jordan: Challenges and Solutions.”

2. The first student creative forum was performed for all nursing colleagues in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the college has won the first and the third award. The members of the jury made up of deans of nursing schools in Jordan as well as experts in nursing from the local community.

3. Research committees have been formed to support scientific research and teamwork.

4. Several research plans were discussed.

Staff Development Unit was introduced in 2010 in the College of Nursing to contribute the development of the performance of faculty members and contribute to the dissemination of the latest developments in nursing and health sciences and technology among members.


The most important activities of the unit held several workshops such as:
1. Workshop to develop nursing curriculum
2. Workshop on quality assurance in the university
3. Workshop about “Qualitative Research Methodology: Phenomenology”
4. Workshop about “Qualitative Research Methodology: Action Research”
5. Workshop about “Toward effective clinical teaching in nursing”
6. The workshop entitled “Test Construction”
7. Training faculty members on the use of e-learning.
8. Training faculty members on computerized exams.