College council decided at its meeting No. 19 assigned the following names to participate in the working committees at the college according to the information set forth below:



Quality assurance committee


1 Dr. Dalal Mohammad Chair
2 Dr. Khaled Suleiman Member
3 Dr. Loai Abu Sharour Member
4 Dr. Suhair Al-Ghabeesh Member
5 Dr. Andaleeb Abu Kamel Member
6 Dr. Marwa barmawi Member
7 Dr. Ayman Bani Salameh Member
C2 Scientific Research and Activities Committee Faculty
1 Dr. mahmoud Al- kalaldeh Chair
2 Dr. Andaleeb Abu Kamel Member
3 Dr. Suhair Al-Ghabeesh Member
4 Dr. Marwa barmawi Member
5 Dr. Ayman Bani Salameh Member
C3 Community Service and Environment Committee Faculty
1 Dr. Najah Sayah     Chair
2 M. Wafa Jaradat Member
3 Dr. Malaka Zuhdi  Member
3 Dr. Andaleeb Abu Kamel Member
4 M. Sequelia Musa Member
5 M. Mohammad Aref Member
C4 Curriculum, learning resources and electronic learning Faculty
1 Dr. Suhair Al-Ghabeesh Chair
2 Dr. Khaled Hassan Member
3 Dr. mahmoud Al- kalaldeh Member
5 M. Wafa Jaradat Member
6 M. Raed Ali Member
7 Dr. Dalal Mohammad Member
C5 Academic counseling and equation committee Faculty
1 Dr. Marwa Barmawi Chair
2 M. Mohammad Arif Member
3 Dr. Najah Sayah Member
5 Dr. Malaka Zuhdi Member
C6 Exams and evaluation committee Faculty
1 Dr. Ayman Bani Slameh Chair
2 Dr. Dalal Mohammad Member
3  M. Mohammad Arif Member
C7 Clinical training committee Faculty
1 Dr. Maha Soboh Chair
2 Prof. Shirooq Jacoub  Member
3 Dr. Najah Sayah Member
4 Dr. Dalal Bashir Member
5 Dr. Ayman Bani Slameh Member
6 Dr. Andaleeb Abu Kamel Member
7 Dr. Marwa Barmawi Member
8 Dr. Malaka Zuhdi Member
9 Dr. Mahmoud Kalaldeh Member
10 M. Mohammad Arif Member
11 M. sequelia musa Member
12 M. Wafa Jaradat Member
13  M. Omar Salamah Member
14  loai al- malad 201410440 Member
C8 graduates issues Committee Faculty
1 M. Omar Salamah Chair
2 Dr. Marwa Barmawi head
3 M. Wafa Jaradat Member
4 M. sequelia musa Member
5 M. Mohammad Arif Member


Higher education committee


1 Dr. Loai Abu Sharour Chair
2 Dr. Dalal Mohammad Member
3 Dr. Khaled Hassan Member
4 Dr.shoroq moneer Member
5 Dr. Suhair Al-Ghabeesh Member
6 Dr. Malaka Zuhdi Member


Circulated to all members of the faculty, and announce to the students at the college


Dr. loai Abu Sharour

Dean of the faculty


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