The Faculty in Community Service

College plays an active role in community service through extracurricular activities and methodology. At the methodology level of activities and through the Community Health Nursing course, the college students are trained in different places of the sectors of the local community and are investigating the following learning objectives:

    1. Assess community needs in the various sectors.

    2. Determine the priorities of the community based on the assessment of the needs of individuals, families, groups and the community in general.

    3. Training to provide excellent nursing care to individuals, families and communities through their activities in a wide range of health and social institutions such as nursing homes, non-governmental institutions, health centers, schools, in addition to home visits.

    In addition to the systematic side, the college through collaboration between faculty and students to do with activities in extracurricular community service Examples include:

    1. The establishment of health care on the sidelines of the forum, which was held student creative on the main University Theater on 03/29/2012, in cooperation with a number of medical supplies companies.

    2. Hosted a free medical day in Qriqrh School Secondary School for Girls on 31/01/2014

    3. Hosted a free medical day in males Preparatory School / Agency for relief on 30/5/20143.

    4. Workshop for women entitled “Recycling used materials for community health women’s program center / Al-Hussein camp 7/2014.

    5. Free medical day in Tayyiba / province Karak on 29/05/2015.

    6. The initiative “Play and learn and eat” and home care for the elderly at the Jubilee Center / Al-Hussein refugee camp on 09/05/2015

    7. Establishment of the Women’s Health Unit in the College of Nursing / University of Al-Zaytoonah on 06/01/2015

    8. Training workshop for First Aid in School Hey girl Hussein basic mixed / Naour on 17/12/2015.

    9. Healthy campus day entitled “Your Health this world” 01/07/2016.

    10. Held an open day, entitled “Towards a Healthy School Environment” in Marj Al Hamam Basic School on 14.04.2016.

    11. Awareness lecture for seniors about osteoporosis and ways to diagnose and prevent it in Al-Yobeel Center / Al-Hussein refugee camp on 05/02/2016.

    12. day of joy for children and the elderly in Al-Yobeel Center / Al-Hussein refugee camp on 05/17/2016.

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