The Faculty in Community Service

  • The faculty has syllabus among its syllabi called community service (community health nursing), through which students are trained in different society sectors of and through practical training the students do:
  1. Assessment of community needs in different sectors
  2. Specify community priorities based on assessment needs
  3. Training to serve the community in different sectors (such as home visits – nursing care in urban centers – School health)
  • Beside teaching activities of the faculty, it has different community services: including
  1. Seminars were held inside the University campus and outside in different settings
  2. Participated in the marathon, which was held under the patronage of His Highness Prince Firas bin Raad, through which students provide nursing care for the contestants
  3. Health days held inside the University campus
  4. Health days held in remote locations example of this
  • Anjara village
  • Deir Alla
  • Barn South
  1. Visits were done to different secondary schools as part of improving the public image for nursing and recruit females to study nursing
  2. Awareness seminar on modern methods for educating children in AL Hussein Camp