Dr. Feras M. Al-Azzeh

Head Of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office (AQAO)

Name ·       Feras  Mohd Al-Azzeh
Title of the position

·       Head of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office (ZUJ)

Academic qualification

·       PhD in Electronic Systems and Programmable Control  Systems, credit : Excellent (1991)

·       Master in Electric Systems and Networks, credit : Excellent


·       Building and improving the QA system

Experience in QA

·       The head of AQAO since 2010

Research interest

·       IT Quality Standards

·       IT Arabization

Publications in

QA related issues

  • ·       Al- Azzeh , F. Al – rawashdeh, T. Evaluation of ERP System Quality Model Using Analytic Hierarchy Process ( AHP) Technique, in Jornal of software Engineering and Application, 2014,7,225-232
  • ·       Al- Azzeh , F. Yahya, A. Universal QA model for Educational Institutions Quality Assurance in Education  (eEmerald), QAE-JAN-2012-0065
  • ·       Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Procedures for evaluating the Teaching process in computing Disciples, Int J.Emerg.Sci, 1(3),444-454. ISSN:2222-4254
  • ·       Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya,A. Quality Criteria’s of Computing Disciplines,  European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.48 No.3 (2011), pp.320-328,
  • ·       Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Quality Procedures to Review, Mission, Vision and Objectives in Higher Educational Institutions, European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.45 No.2 (2010), pp.168-175,
  • ·       Al-Azzeh, F. Yahya, A. Quality assurance procedures to prepare and update a university curriculum, American Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research, ISSN: 2153-649X, 2010, 1(1): 01-06,
  • ·Has many publications in IT domain
  • ·Has 15 published books in his specialty and QA
Continuing education and Activities in QA 
  • OMAN (2014).  Feras M. AL- Azzeh; Quality Management System – Adaptation or Creation? Case Study: Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan; AROQA 6th Annual Conference (Patterns of Education and Related Quality Standards)
  • ·EGYPT 2012.  Feras M. Al-Azzeh , Plan a unified strategy for quality within university institutions
  • JORDAN 2011.  Feras Mohamed Al-Azzeh, Abdelfatah Aref Yahya, An educational institution starting point for quality management systems where, (01) –  International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, ( IACQA-11)
  • Preparing workshops on QA nationally and internationally
  • A lot of continuing in-service education in QA  
  • Integrated system for Improving The Usage Of E-Learning in higher Education, 2014
  • Conference Management and Archiving system “CMAS”
  • Developing, Designing and preparing the optical character recognition for Arabic and Latin languages software. The first of it’s kind in the Arab world. Registered on 1.03.1993 in Jordan.
  • Developing, Designing and preparing an automated spell checker for Arabic language. Used in the editors and word-processors with various applications in Arab world, 1992.
  • Designing and manufacturing an automatic control system for orienting and controlling the technological specifications of electric engines during production which depend on computer as a basis for it (used in the production factories in the former soviet countries 1991).
Additional skills
  • Certified for research Engineer and system analysis
  • Industrial consultant in information technology domain
  • Project management
Email drferas@zuj.edu.jo

for further details find detailed CV. please click HERE  dr-firas-azzeh-curriculum-vitae-2016


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