It is chaired by the Director Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance; its members are representatives of the academic Faculties at the University. 

The Executive Committee for Quality Assurance / academic holds its meetings on a regular basis, due to the invitation of its Chairman. The Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance at the University maintains records of its meetings and the texts of its decisions. It is a tool of the entire Bureau in implementing its plans, procedures; follow up the investigation, and reporting to the Bureau the level of achievement and the results achieved in the faculties and academic departments at the University. The tasks of this Committee are as follows:

1. Discuss the annual plan for the Office of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, and preparing them. 

2. Discuss the incoming reports from the faculties and academic departments, and adopting them. 

3. Discuss the documents, procedures, and forms that are issued on behalf of the Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, and placing them for adoption. 

4. Discuss the academic portion of the annual report of the University, and place it for adoption. 

5. Discuss the instructions and periodic directives issued by the Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance within the scope of his powers, and implementing them. 

6. Placing to adopt the annual budget allocated for the Bureau ofAccreditation and Quality Assurance, without interference in the operationalaffairs of the Bureau. 

7. Supervising the implementation of quality procedures in faculties and academic departments, and these actions are as follows: 

• Procedures for document control and records. 

• Internal audit procedures. 

• Corrective and preventive actions. 

• Procedures for amending the documents and canceling them. 

• Procedures for periodic review. 

8. Active participation in promoting quality culture at the University, each according to its power. 


1.     Dr.Feras Muhammad Al-Izza / Director of Accreditation and quality Assurance Office —Member

2.     Dr.Fuad Ali – Qarem / Faculty of sciences and Information Technology ___member

3.     Dr.Reema AbdulKarim  Abu-Khalaf Faculty of of Pharmacy→Member

4.     Dr.Majed Harb / Faculty of of Arts→Member

5.     Dr.Fairouz Amro / of Faculty of Law

6.     Dr.Andalib Abu-Kamel / of Faculty of Nursing→Member

7.     Mrs.Manal Abdul Rahman / Faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences →Member

8.     Miss Iman Abdul Hafez / Faculty of Engineering→Member