The Committee is chaired by the President of the University, and is composed of his deputies, assistants, deans of academic faculties, Dean of Research and Graduates Studies, Dean of Students Affairs, Director of the University bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, permanent members and representatives from the departments and administrative and supportive centers, University employees representative, and students representative, seats are exchanged for representatives each two years if formation is not allowed, because the number of members of the Supreme Committee should preferably be between (12-15) members only.

The Supreme Committee for Quality Assurance holds its meetings on a regular basis, by the invitation of its Chairman, and the Bureau of Accreditation and quality assurance in the University keeps the records of its meetings and the texts of its decisions; as it is a tool of this Committee in the implementation of its decisions and follow up the range investigation, and provides reports in regards to the implementation level and achieved results. The tasks of the Supreme committee: 

1. Discuss the University's strategic plan (five-year plan),and adopting it. 

2. Discuss the annual plan of the University, and adopting it. 

3. Discuss the annual plan for the Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, and adopting it. 

4. Discuss the documents, procedures, and forms thatare issued on behalf of the University Bureau of Accreditation andQuality Assurance and adopt them. 

5. Discuss the University annual report andadopt it. 

6. Discuss the reports and periodic proposalsraised by the Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance to the Supreme Committee and adopting it. 

7. Discuss the budget and the annual budget for the University Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance and adopt it without interference in the operational affairs of the Bureau. 

8. Discuss the self-evaluating study report to checkthe level of quality in the University and adopt it.