1 – Acquisition of groups from different information sources, and through the purchase of subscriptions and books exchange and gifts, and implement it at the local, Arab and international.

2 – Organizing of these collections in a series of technical steps like recording, cataloging and classified, and added to electronic and paper indexes, according to the latest international principles and standards applied by the library, as well as keeping procedures through binding and restoration.

3 – Provide information services of references and guidance, booking, and providing climate for research and reading.

4 – Encourage and definition Jordanian intellectual production, especially production of workers at the university, and present it through the acquisition of copies of it and gifting it or exchanged with universities and other local or international cultural institutions.

5 – Training and development of library staff.

6 – cooperation and exchange of information in order to develop cadres and services locally with other libraries, especially university libraries, and through membership library in Library & Information Association of Jordan, and Arab relations directly and through the Association of Arab Universities and the (ALECSO) Arab League Education, Culture and Science Organization, and internationally relations directly and through membership in the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

7 – Develop the skills of access to information for students and researchers.

8 – Provide technical services and information to the local communities



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