Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Honors Distinguished Staff Members who Contributed to Obtaining the Quality Assurance Certificates

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Honors Distinguished Staff Members who Contributed to Obtaining the Quality Assurance Certificates

Under the patronage of The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, his excellency Mr. Eid  Al-Fayez, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan celebrated  an awarding ceremony for distinguished staff members who contributed to obtaining the Quality Assurance of  Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Information Technology and Faculty of Business, with the presence of The Parliamentary Education and Culture Committee member Ibrahim Al Bodour, some members of House of Representatives, the vice president of The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions, administrative governors, directors of local security services, representatives of local community, members of university board of trustees, the University’s vice president and deans of faculties.

Al-Fayez indicated that the university has become a scientific role model across the country, a success story due to the expert, enlightened, dedicated and sincere leadership and had exerted considerable efforts in planning, empowerment, human capital, strengthening institutional performance as well as teamwork.

He pointed out that The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions exerted great efforts in setting quality assurance standards, monitoring and following-up its implementation in order to improve graduate quality in the labor market.

Al-Fayez stressed that the university pledges loyalty to serve Jordan, promote the process and safeguard its gains under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

The President of the university, Professor Turki Obaidat, on his side, stressed that the national sense of belonging is the cornerstone of the achievement process, and that this belonging will not be complete without the individual’s sincerity at work, a sense of belonging to his institution and an efficiency in achieving its objectives. Thus, the university holds this celebration not only to honor those who have made achievements but as an encouragement and motivation for employees in other faculties to work at a growing pace in order to obtain quality assurance certificates.

He elaborated that this celebration was held to mark obtaining the faculties of Arts, Sciences and Information Technology and Business the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificates  accredited by  The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions. Furthermore, he added that this requires great achievements in strategic planning, good governance, academic programs, scientific research, and academic scholarships. Human, financial and material resources management, student services, community services and foreign relationships, in addition to the University’s integrated and effective system for quality assurance management.

Obaidat thanked faculties’ staff members who contributed effectively in obtaining these quality assurance certificates and who exerted significant efforts reflected in self-denial and remarkable level of responsibility, teamwork and active follow-up of all components and work details.

He added that the university had honored the President of the university and staff members at the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office to mark the university’s obtaining of International Organization for the Standardization Certificate (ISO). They also honored staff members from the faculties of Pharmacy and Nursing for obtaining the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificates. Thus, five faculties out of eight have been granted the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificates, covering 70% of the academic programs.

Obaidat announced that the university maintained its rank in World University Rankings QS, among the top 100 Arab universities and top 10 Jordanian universities. Noting that this ranking system focuses on the academic reputation and scientific research. During the last three years, the university improved its rank on Webometrics ranking, it moved up on the local ranking scale from 16 in 2015 up to 10 in 2018.

He elaborated that due to the distinguished reputation of the university, the number of students has increased to 8000 at the beginning of the academic year of 2018/2019. In addition to the turnout of foreign students who accounted to 28%, from 30 different nationalities, whether Arab or foreign. The university also entered World University Rankings, Green Metrics, among 500 top universities in the world for its remarkable efforts in providing sustainable environment and improving students’ services.

Obaidat also, thanked the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ali Al-Qirim for his constant pursuit of scaling up the university locally and regionally. This is due to his constant belief in the significant role of science and scientists in development.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Eid  Al-Fayez and Professor Turki Obaidat  honored Faculty and Administrative members in the faculties of Arts, Science and Information Technology and Business.