1. Establishment of graduate programs in different specialties and interdisciplinary fields of degree-granting.

2. Interest in graduate students and directing their theses.

3. Demand from various colleges of the University to study the establishment of new Master programs based on prospective studies and commensurate with the needs of the community and potential for the university within the frameworks of accreditation and certified quality.

4. Recommendation of the of placement for admission to graduate studies in various university specialties.

5. Examine and approve curricula submitted by colleges.

6. Increase the exchange of scientific knowledge and academic cooperation between Jordanian, Arab and foreign universities.

7. Follow on academic supervision of graduate students and establish and develop tools and standards for quality control supervision in the preparation of theses.

8. Establish procedures and instructions for approving preparation of theses, and examining defense committees.

9. Prepare lists to grant masters degrees and placement to the attention of the Deans Council after verification of students meeting all graduation requirements.

10. Set up a data base for higher studies and scientific research being done by students and faculty members.

11. Preparation of periodic reports on the accomplishments of Deanship and delivery to the President.