Ensure the requirements of scientific research and its tools, including:

  1. Proper preparation and retention of researchers.
  2. Assembling and directing the efforts of research centers.
  3. Optimal utilization of the available limited resources.
  4. Increase in number of human resources working as researchers on projects supported internally and externally.
  5. Providing hardware and research materials through an appropriate period.
  6. Providing libraries and subscribe in communication networks (the Internet).
  7. Provide appropriate research environment and places necessary to do the research.
  8. Encourage the dissemination of scientific production (research, patents, studies, authored literature, translations, and manuscripts) in specialized scientific journals and the Court at the global level and financial publication of research.
  9. Marketing and commercialization of productive research.
  10. Support serious scholars and give them the opportunity to develop academic rewards research and increase incentives and moral discretion.
  11. Emphasis on interdisciplinary,  comprehensive and  complementary research methods and enhance coordination with the of scientific research and development institutions, both nationally and internationally.
  12. Circular on colleges to adopt a unified name for addresses of the university to facilitate access to information and reliability of its adoption.
  13. Support travel of researchers participation in conferences, workshops, or seminars locally or internationally.
  14. Support projects of interest for the purposes of scientific development in Jordan and the world.
  15. Participation in book fairs that are held in Jordan and the Arab world, and exhibitions within and outside the university periodically and regularly.
  16. Publish studies and data on the reality and scientific research activities in all departments and faculties.
  17. Building a complete database that contains scientific research and researchers and graduate messages and graduation projects and made available to all through the Scientific Research Deanship highlighting the indicators associated with excellence.