The Department of Educational Sciences aspires to become a pioneer department in the Arab region committed to applying professional teaching standards adopted worldwide, implementing the Standards of Quality Assurance, and keen on playing a vital role in the dissemination of modern sources of knowledge in relation to the field of teacher training in the local communities.


We seek to prepare teachers who are capable of providing quality education, keen on the continuous development of their professionalism, willing to keep pace with modern technology and contribute positively and effectively towards the development of the educational programs in Jordan and in other Arab countries, and who can – in light of community needs and values and in accordance with the standards of educational accreditation – respond to the diversity of the community needs, the problems of the educational field, and the challenges of the comprehensive development through the optimum utilization of knowledge, research and technology.


  1. Enhancing students’ teaching experience and their creative and critical thinking abilities through the continuous revision and updating of study plans based on modern theories of education.
  2. Providing sufficient training opportunities, and, hence, various job opportunities for the students to choose from.
  3. Improving the college and department facilities continuously to ensure quality education and satisfy students and their prospective workplaces.
  4. Encouraging students to make use of modern educational devices and the excellent labs available at the college in their practical training for producing the necessary teaching aids.
  5. Enhancing students’ commitment to work and to the materialization of the following educational values:
  • Striving to achieve distinction in the use of modern teaching methods and techniques.
  • Attaching importance to globalization and making use of the internet as a source of information.
  • Having visions and future perspectives
  • Possessing the ability to think creatively and communicate effectively
  • Respecting other people and giving value to materials
  • Showing extreme commitment to work
  • Taking the needs of others into consideration