Department of Human sciences

The department of Human Sciences was established in 2011.This department is engaged in teaching the compulsory and optional courses on the university level including, National Education, Life Skills, English Language, Arabic language, Principles of Education, Human Civilization, Sport, Health, in addition to compulsory courses in the faculty such as Principles of Grammar and Morphology (Arabic), Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Arabic Text Appreciation,  English Language (2) Environmental Education , Teaching Methods and Curriculum  ,  as well as The Modern History of Jordan.

Teaching the courses offered by The Human Sciences Department is deemed necessary, for it provides an important pillar in culture of any society. These values and standards contribute to the formation of the personality of each individual. The Human Sciences Department through its courses, is capable of creating a positive individual personality which can play a pivotal role in the present and future life of the nation through using modern approaches and convenient methods of teaching aiming to provide students with the necessary skills to cope with events and updates so as to facilitate the direction of the society towards the future.

  • Activities of Human Sciences Department
  • The department holds a gathering for students and professors introducing a variety of activities within the field of Human Sciences.
  • The department, in cooperation with the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, aims to offer courses in diplomacy and political work.
  • The department carries out cultural non-curriculum activities, such as Poetry seminars, A Cultural Reading in Almadiriah prose by Badi’ Alzaman Alhamazany.

Staff Members of Human sciences Department (academic year 2016/2017)

No. Member name Specific Specialization Rank
1 Dr. Musalam Foad Abu Qatam Teaching Methods and Curriculum- English Assistant professor
2 Professor Esmat Darwish Alkurdy Sport Education Full Professor
3 Dr. Mohammed Hassan Al Tarwana Teaching Methods and Curriculum- Sciences Associate Professor
4 Dr. Hossam Mostafa Al laham Arabic language / Eloquence Associate Professor
5 Dr. Bassam Yousef Abdul Razeq Sport Education Associate Professor
6 Dr. Nebal Nabil Nazal Applied Arabic linguistic Associate Professor
7 Dr. Khadloun Khalil Alhabashna Mameluke History Assistant professor
8 Dr. Haya Falah Masalha Sociology Assistant professor
9 Dr. Shaden Mohammed Alwahsh Abbasside history Assistant professor
10 Dr. Alladin Zaki Mousa Ancient literature / Abbasside Assistant professor
11 Dr. Omar Mohammed Jafer Al Garaleh Modern Political History Assistant professor
12 Dr. Soliman Zyab Alahmed Principles of Education Assistant Professor
13 Dr. Reham Gamil Abu Roumy Sociology Assistant professor
14 Dr. Iman Abdul Hady Modern Literature and Criticism Assistant professor
15 Miss. Rawan Awad Alkhabinah Estimating and evaluating Lecturer
16 Mrs. Arij Azem Alzaban International relations Lecturer
17 Miss. Rasha Adnan Al Mobaidin International relations Lecturer
18 Mrs. Dima Mohammed Alwahash Linguistics / English
19 Miss. Fatima Mohammed Abu Ras Teaching Methods and Curriculum- English Lecturer
20 Mrs. Rula Ali Al Hrout Teaching Methods and Curriculum- English Lecturer
21 Mr. Mohammed Adly Ouda Linguistics / Arabic Lecturer
22 Miss. Ghadir Barakat Zaloum Translation Lecturer
23 Mr. Ali Gamil Al Sarayrah Sociology Full-time Lecturer
24 Miss. Zain Mohammed Al Amayrah Translation Full-time Lecturer


Vision, Mission and Message of Human Sciences Department:

  • The University’s vision crystallized, due to the rank in Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan. It reflects the University’s ambition to realize this vision within the term of its initial strategic plan, and thus the vision of the university has been updated as follows:
  • The university aims to achieve an advanced rank locally and regionally with regards to its educational programs and research activities in accordance with the accreditation standards of Quality Assurance.

The English Language Department Outline:

The Department of English Language was established on the 6th September 1993 and graduated its first Students regiment in 1997; the department offers the following teaching programs:

  1. Bachelor program in English language / literature.
  2. Bachelor program in English language / Translation.
  3. Master Program in English Language / literature.

The department has scientifically excelled through achieving outstanding results in higher Education Council tests, due to the relentless efforts of the teaching staff who happen to be graduates from elite Arab, British and American Universities. The graduates of the department, on the other hand, have shown excellence in the labour market whether in the public or private sectors.  The department provides integrated cultural program and discussion seminars delivered by the teaching staff. It also introduces general lectures and various cultural competitions for students.

Due to the large number of students who are eager to join the Department, the program of Evening studies was introduced in English language / Translation in 1998 – this program seeks to achieve distinction in higher education and meet the international quality standards.

The most significant achievements of the Department:

  1. Launching the Master degree program / in literature.
  2. Holding English language conferences.

The Number of the Department teaching staff is nine members.

Activities of the Department of English Language:

One of the most important students’ activities in the department is “The ENGLISH DAY” which was held on the 30th March 2015.

Vision, Message and Mission of the English Language Department,

Department vision: English Language

The Department of English is a pioneer distinguished department in education and scientific research in literature and translation on the local and regional levels. It establishes an interaction with English speaking world cultures and graduates efficient students who are capable to serve their society.

The Message of the Department  

The Department aims at presenting a quality education in the fields of literature and translation. It also develops the students’ linguistic and research skills, contributes in making them able to effectively contribute to local and regional development and to positively interact with international civilizations.

The Objectives of the Department

  1. Develop students’ linguistics and communication skills.
  2. Encourage students to create awareness towards the cultures of the English speaking world.
  3. Develop students’ creative and critical thinking skills and develop their research skills in their specific specialization.
  4. Prepare distinguished cadres in English language who are able to contribute to serving the local and regional community and communicate with civilizations of the world.

The Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic language and Literature was established in 1993, on the 10th July 1997, it graduated its first student regiment. The Department played a significant role in highlighting the role of the Arabic language and created awareness of its benefits. It also worked on realizing the objectives of its establishment as it constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of building the student’s national personality.

The department is keen on encouraging the teaching staff to undertake scientific research and publish in different academic journals locally and internationally. It holds conferences and seminars on a regular basis and motivates staff members to participate efficiently in them and thus contributes to the progress of the university in scientific research. Furthermore, the department encourages students’ interaction and engagement in extra-curriculum activities such as authoring short stories and novels carrying out creative reading. It also encourages promising talents by revising their writings and helping them to develop their talents and skills.

Teaching staff in the Arabic Language Department (academic year 2016/2017)

No. Name of teaching staff member Rank and scientific degree University who graduated from / year Accurate specialization
1 Professsor Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Al Majali Doctorate / Professor The University of Jordan / 1989 Modern literature / Poetry
2 Dr. Alladin Ahmed Mohammed Al Gharaybeh Doctorate / Associate Professor The University of Jordan / 2002 Linguistics
3 Dr. Sabha Ahmed Mohammed Alqam Doctorate / Associate Professor Yarmouk University / 2005 Modern Literature and Criticism
4 Dr. Zahra Tawfeek Mohammed Abu Kishk Doctorate / Assistant professor Moata University / 2007 Literature, criticism and Eloquence