Vision, Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes for Master Program 

Program Vision:

Building specialized competencies in the field of Clinical Nursing/Adult, provided with the knowledge, skills and leadership, creative and entrepreneurial competencies necessary to compete in the global labor market, through effective application in the use of information technology and modern teaching and learning strategies.

Program Mission and Goals:

  1. Apply the holistic scientific knowledge based on evidence-based practice in order to provide specialized, safe, and high-quality nursing care for patients and their families in various adult departments.
  2. Provide students with professional competencies that help them develop the necessary knowledge and practical skills associated with the specialized clinical nurse and integrate modern information technology and employ it effectively in the teaching and learning processes.
  3. Promote the principle of self-learning and highlight the students’ competencies in leading, managing and developing health care through the application of various teaching and learning strategies and practice effective communication skills in the light of global changes.

Program Learning Outcomes:

(MK= Main Knowledge, MS= Main Skills, MC= Main Competences)  

Basic Knowledge


Understand specialized nursing care plans based on scientific and evidence-based protocols associated with various diseased conditions.


Understand the practical, professional and managerial principles associated with the competent clinical nurse.


Understand the different roles of the clinical nurse specialist in providing, managing and developing specialized nursing care.

Basic Skills


Apply specialized skills and critical thinking when evaluating, diagnosing, treating and following up various
diseased conditions.


Master evidence-based practices in treating patients with various diseases using information technology skills.


Practice the technology and computer skills necessary to provide specialized nursing carerelated to all patients’  needs.

Basic Competencies


Adhere to standards of professional, ethical and legal behavior and concepts of responsibility when practicing nursing care in a holistic, safe and effective environment.


Demonstrate the ability to develop the specialized nursing care plans in the physiological, psychological and social aspects of health care recipients.


Practice safety and quality assurance standards and principles of health promotion and preservation in providing specialized nursing care to health care recipients.


Demonstrate the ability to make decisions, manage and develop health care, practice effective communication skills, and work effectively with the health care team.


Practice environmental risk assessment based on major global health issues such as epidemics and challenging threats at all phases of nursing care.



Master Program Study Plan 2021-2022


Master Program Study Plan 2018-2019