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Artificial Intelligence and the labor market

-The Department of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with the pioneer’s company, held a seminar entitled Artificial Intelligence in the Labor Market, in the presence of members of the department and a group of students from the Department of Artificial Intelligence and the faculty students. At the end of the seminar, students’ inquiries about the various fields of the labor market were answered.




The Department of Artificial Intelligence honored the Head of the Department, Dr. Tariq Ghazi Kanaan, and Dr. Nagham Azmi Al-Madi, on the occasion of their promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Amjad Al-Zureikat, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Alia, Deputy Dean Dr. Kholoud Abu Maria, and heads of departments (Dr. Adnan Hanif, Dr. Farhan Farhan, Dr. Iqbal Jibril, and Dr. Ahmed Thuneibat) with the participation of Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Al-Tamimi and the Director of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office at the College of Science, Dr. Thamer Al-Rawashdeh.



The Philadelphia School’s visit to the Artificial Intelligence Department at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan hosted students from the Philadelphia School on a visit to the Artificial Intelligence Department. During this visit, the students were welcomed by Dr. Mohammad Abdullah, Activities Officer at the College, and Dr. Bilal Al-Hawasheen, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department. During the visit, Mr.Yazan Al-Rabaiah gave an interesting explanation about artificial intelligence, which enabled the students to understand the basics of this emerging field and how technology can be used to produce intelligent systems capable of making innovative decisions. This visit reflects Al-Zaytoonah University’s commitment to providing educational opportunities and introducing advanced specializations to students in schools, which bridges academic institutions and the community to enhance teaching and learning. This type of visit is essential to encourage young people to choose future educational paths and motivate them to explore new and exciting areas in technology and artificial intelligence.

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Training courses for students

Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Ayesh Al-Hroub, Dean of the College, a series of training courses for students specializing in artificial intelligence were concluded in the College of Science and Information Technology, which were implemented over four weeks and supervised by (Dr. Bilal Al-Hawasheen (Department) Head), Dr. Naghham Al-Mady, Dr. Dara Aql, Ms. Nesreen Hamad, and coordinated by Mr. Yazan Al-Rabaiah). At the end of the course, Professor Al-Hroub handed the twenty students their certificates. In his speech, he thanked them for their interest and commitment to attending the course, stressing that such courses will continue due to their importance in refining the student’s skills. He also emphasized the importance of such courses in developing students’ skills and preparing them for the labor market in artificial intelligence.


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