Faculty of Science and Information Technology



        The program at a glance / Artificial Intelligence :

The department was established in 2018. Currently, it has (10) faculty members and (397) enrolled students. Since its inception, (65) students have graduated at the undergraduate level. Regarding the scientific research outcomes, the department members have reached (250) publications, where (153) publications were published in refereed journals, (97) publications were published in international Arab, or local refereed conferences, and (20) publications were published this year.
The department has contributed to raising the level of education, scientific research, and community service in the field of artificial intelligence, by adopting contemporary teaching plans in the field of artificial intelligence that keep pace with the needs of society within the standards of accreditation and quality. Moreover, it motivates and supports the students to learn and excel in scientific and practical fields. The department works on employing and developing the scientific, practical, and research capabilities of faculty members.