Faculty of Science and Information Technology


      Vision :

Towards a distinguished department that develops programs and experiences in artificial intelligence, scientific research, and community service


     Mission :

Meeting the labor market’s needs of qualified cadres and technical experts that are capable of development and innovation in the artificial intelligence field and directing the scientific research process to serve the local and regional community within the application of accreditation and quality assurance standards.


Objectives :

  •  Improving and developing the educational process and adopting teaching plans that meet the needs of the local community within the standards of accreditation and quality.
  • Consolidating the theoretical concepts of artificial intelligence while providing the students with the practical experiences, values, and ethics that are necessary to serve the local and regional labor market.
  • Motivating the students and supporting them to learn, excel, research, produce, think creatively and innovatively, solve problems, work in teams, and interact with the community.
  • Encouraging scientific research and publishing in the best journals and conferences in order to achieve an advanced ranking for the college and university, and to support scientific and practical studies in the field of artificial intelligence aimed at serving the community.
  • Reviewing the outputs of the educational procedure of the department, developing them according to a periodic methodology, and improving them continuously.
  • Optimum use and continuous development of resources supporting the educational process and e-learning, attention to learning resources and technology, and the adoption of the latest references and equipment necessary to refine knowledge and develop the student’s skills.
  • Adopting interaction, integration, and specialization in building capable and qualified experts in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Complementary linking between the administrative staff and the academic staff, while ensuring integrity and transparency, and applying the concepts of motivation to serve the educational process of the department and the aspirations of the employees.