The Department was established in the Year 2010. The number of its teaching staff members is 6 instructors. The number of its enrolled students is 105, where two classes have graduated including 5 with B.Sc. and 0 with M.Sc. The number of research papers by the teaching staff members up to this date has reached 19 papers published in refereed international journals and 8 papers published in international, Arab, and local conferences.

The most important accomplishments of the Department are as follows:

1.Updating and developing the Department’s course plan as to stay current with the requirements of technological advancement and the job market.
2.Establishing understandings with companies and organizations specialized in network technology for the purposes of training and knowledge exchange with the Department of Computer Networks.
3.Updating the learning resources.
4.Actively contributing to scientific research through publishing a number of specialized scientific research papers in international refereed journals and conferences.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

To be distinguished in the development and advancement of experiences in software engineering and in the promotion of its utilization as an effective tool of human development in the knowledge community while applying the accreditation and quality standards.


Fulfilling the needs of the job market with qualified technical personnel and professionals who are capable of advancement and creativity in various disciplines of science and information technology, and directing the track of scientific research towards serving the local and regional community.


1 Equip and prepare highly qualified graduates in the field of network technology through employing educational curriculum and teaching methods of modern international standards.
2 Rely on interaction, integration and specialization in building and preparing qualified and capable professionals in the fields of science and information technology.
3 Encourage and support specialized scientific research and practical studies in the field of computer networks for academic personnel and students alike
4 Utilize and develop the methods and means of electronic learning, regard education technology resources, and use the latest references and equipment.
5 Creatively bond theoretical knowledge to practical application and training through the utilization of equipped modern labs and provide training incubators to polish the knowledge and enhance the skills of students.