Faculty of Science and Information Technology – Bachelor Of Mathematics


About the program / Bachelor Of Mathematics :

The program of Mathematics Is significant to many disciplines at the university, especially to the fields of information technology and engineering. This is because mathematical science represents a necessary basis for understanding, programming, and dealing with its various algorithms and applications. The department was established in 1993 and currently has 10 faculty members. The department provides two main programs: Bachelor and Master of mathematics. Over 157 students are enrolled in the bachelor program, and 27 bachelor classes have graduated from the department including over 627 alumni. In 2020, the master program was established and involved over 17 students. The number of research papers conducted by the faculty members of the department has exceeded 114 papers, published in international refereed journals, and over 15 papers accepted in international, Arab, and local refereed conferences with a monotonically increasing trend. The graduates of the department have a prominent position in the labor market locally and regionally and their employment rate is high. The department ensures maintaining continuous communication with its students through the advisement programs implemented each semester and by activating the office hours of each faculty member.