Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies

PRO. Subhi M. Bazlamit


Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies :

Founded in 2006 with the primary mission of encouraging and supporting research and graduate studies, and to create the appropriate environment for excellence and leadership. The Deanship witnessed a marked increase in the number of published research articles in journals and refereed conferences since it was founded. This is due to the introduction of incentives and dedication of a notable budget supporting research activities, which include projects, papers, conferences, and workshops in addition to hosting of events and conferences.  The deanship also worked towards improving current graduates programs and establishing new ones in accordance with the needs of the local, regional and global markets and industries. From the start, the deanship followed the innovative approach that links both research and graduate programs, with the introduction of incentives and support to graduate students publications and patents and helping in advising them and the faculty members regarding research priorities and innovation for the subjects of theses. Recently, the deanship has established a technology transfer office to support creativity and entrepreneurship and future incubators.


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