Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Office at the Faculty of Architecture and Design




Definition of the Quality Assurance Office in the Faculty

The quality assurance office in the Faculty was established simultaneously with the launch of the quality assurance approach adopted by the university in the beginning of the year 2017, and the office was prepared and equipped with the necessary communication equipment and means of conservation and treatment, and linked to the university’s internal network to be a main headquarters for documenting and preserving quality assurance files in the Faculty.

An office manager was appointed from the distinguished faculty members in the college for their activities and giving. This office represents the link between the committee responsible for the quality assurance file in the faculty and all its components, from academic departments, governing councils, committees operating in the faculty, departments, and all employees. The office works on following up the quality assurance file in the faculty by preserving the documents, procedures and forms it issues, and it distributes them to all concerned, each according to its specialization and field of work.





Tasks of the Director of the Quality Assurance Office at the Faculty / Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs.

  1. Follow up the proper use of procedures and forms, ensure effective procedures, good performance and quality results in the faculty, and carry out periodic audits of workers, councils, departments, and all committees.

  2. Carrying out internal audits of the components of the faculty and its employees to detect cases of non-conformity and work to remove them

  3. Effective participation in the meetings of the committee responsible for quality assurance in the faculty, documenting its meetings, following up on its decisions, and submitting periodic reports to it.

  4. Effective participation in the meetings of the Executive Committee for Academically Quality Assurance at the university, receiving instructions and instructions from them, submitting periodic reports to them, cooperating with them in keeping with the implementation of the regulations, instructions and quality standards applied at the university, and adhering to all the directives, decisions and work instructions issued by them.

  5. Working to spread the culture of quality in the university and the faculty exclusively, through meetings, seminars and periodic studies, and participating in workshops and meetings on quality inside and outside the university.

  6. Supervision and follow-up of all murals, publications, and brochures announcing the adoption of the quality system in the faculty, and ensuring a clear public statement of the college’s vision, mission, and goals for all workers and students.

  7. Work continuously and periodically to seek the opinions of specialists, workers, faculty members in the faculty, students, and local community groups on the procedures, methodological, scientific and extracurricular activities carried out in the faculty.