Activities carried out by college students

(Methodological activities)

A student at the College of Architecture participated in the twentieth creative student forum with a research under the title Preserving the Architectural and Urban Heritage in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

(Madaba Visitor Center) at the Jordanian Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan 6-9 / 11/2018

Under the supervision of Dr. Kabila Hmood

The student: Lama Hamdan




The first place was won by repeated replacements by Al-Dali and Amira Hamdan, and in the second place by Sufyan Ismail and Abdul Rahim Mamdouh, and third place by Diana Café and Raghad Mohammed, and on the sidelines of the workshop, a corner was held for virtual reality games in which the student was able to discover a simulation of the activities of the real world.

The first meeting of the graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Design




The Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, organized the first meeting of its graduates in the presence of the dean of the college, Dr. Kabila Hmood, and a number of members of the teaching and administrative staff and college graduates from previous years.

Hmood indicated that the Faculty of Architecture and Design since its establishment seeks to improve the efficiency of academic methods, whether in research, teaching, or training, while achieving the highest levels of conformity with international and local quality standards.

She explained that the university has taken great care of the infrastructure and the required equipment by teaching the requirements of theoretical and practical specializations through computerized and visual educational media for the various subjects that are prepared with advanced techniques that are continuously updated, continuously, to a degree that is continuously updated.

Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan won the third place in the free drawing / human rights competition

Students, Dareen Al-Sayed, from the Graphic Design Department at the University of Zaytoonah, Jordan, won the third position in the free drawing competition / human rights at the level of Jordanian universities organized by Princess Sumaya University for Technology on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights.

The Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Sobha Alqam, stated that the Department of Cultural Activity in the Deanship of Student Affairs is working to encourage students from different colleges to participate in these competitions that stimulate their creativity.

Three students from the Faculty participated in a competition for emerging profit projects Hult Prize in Jordan and won first place at the university level and the first level at the level of Amman

Al-Zaytoonah University also supported them to complete the stages of the competition in Madrid

The student: Batoul Ghanem

The student: Shahd Al-Khatib

The student: Nour Al-Saghbini