Tasks of the Bureau:

  1. Supervising the work of the executive committees for quality assurance at the University.
  2. Ongoing assessment of the overall University performance, and reveal the extent to its mission.
  3. Prepare periodic reports about the performance ofthe University, and propose necessary decisions or actionsfor improvement.
  4. Follow-up quality assurance committeesin the faculties and offices and coordinate their efforts to ensure the exchange of experiences.
  5. Issuing annual report of the University.
  6. Coordinate setting the University Strategic Plan and follow up their implementation
  7. Proposing development`s plans and projects.
  8. Promote quality culture within the University.
  9. Activating community participation in monitoring and supporting quality results.
  10. Building capabilities among members of academic staff and those who work in quality field and other fields.
  11. Support continuous improvement processes to ensurequality, and coordinate the preparation of the University to advance to obtain quality assurance certificate.