the accreditation and quality assurance office adopts the vision and mission of the university to achieve its objectives

the vision of zUJ 

Towards a Competitive University in Labor Market, Research and Sustainable Environment

 The mission of ZUJ

An active contribution in the sustainable development of the society and providing the labor market with the specialized competencies capable of leadership, entrepreneur and creativity through implementing proper planning, wise governance, modern teaching and learning methods, transfer of technology and by focusing on applied scientific research, developing attractive scientific and teaching environment, choosing skilled and experienced man power, partnering with notable higher education institutions, and applying quality assurance and competiveness standards.

AQAO objectives

  1. To contribute in strategic planning for the university outlook and transform its vision to a reality.
  2. To develop a quality assurance system in the university, applying and improving it continuously.
  3. To continuously develop and improve the performance indicators in addition to applying and monitor their usage.
  4. To utilize objectively the available facts and information in decision making.
  5. To develop means for exploring strength and weakness points in the performance of entire university entities then implement them.
  6. To upgrade the employee’s quality assurance experiences and skills.
  7. To continuously improve the work mechanisms, the used procedures in the university.
  8. To follow up the compliance level of the university regarding the quality assurance principles and standards .
  9. To improve and achieve the general and specialty accreditation files requirements
  10. To design performance developmental plans for staff and workers in the university.

AQAO tasks

  1. To contribute In the policy planning of the university and follow up its implementation.
  2. To identify the main performance indicators for the university and its facilities
  3. Contribute in continuous development of the vision and mission of the university, and to assure it’s the connection with the vision of QAO.
  4. Supervise the the quality assurance executive committees activities and unify their efforts.
  5. Contribute in preparing the strategic plan of the university and follow up its implementation.
  6. Continuous appraising for the collective university performance and detect the extent of ZUJ mission achievement.
  7. Continuous development of the quality management system of the university and its facilities.
  8. Preparing periodical reports about university performance, and suggest decisions, and required procedure for improvement.
  9. Preparing annual reports for the university
  10. Propose developmental plans and projects.
  11. Rooting and disseminating the culture of quality in ZUJ campus
  12. Activate the collective participation in monitoring and support the quality outcomes
  13. Building quality assurance capacity for faculty members and workers.
  14. Advocate the continuous process of development and promotion of quality assurance system.
  15. Coordinate the efforts of ZUJ as a whole and\or any of its entities in preparation and submission for quality assurance certificate process.
  16. Follow up the achievement for the general or specialty academic programs accreditation requirements.
  17. Design staff development plans and follow its implementation.
  18. Design plans and procedures to involve students in the quality assurance domain.
  19. Supervise preparation of the annual students’ guide.
  20. Participate in preparing the annual ZUJ book.
  21. Participate in developing and updating of information on the electronic web site of ZUJ.
  22. Follow up all publications and bulletins issued by ZUJ and its facilities, and acting on promoting them
  23. Activate and follow up the graduates accessing files.