Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assuranceis presided by a member of the academic staff appointed by the President of the University as director of this Bureau;it consists of a secretary, office boy and an executive staff (number of its members will be as needed). The bureau follows the University President directly.


The tasks the Bureau are as follows:

  1. The Director of the Bureau is a member of the supreme Committee for Quality Assurance, who raise its reports and receive Its instructions.
  2. Director of the Bureau participates in presentingand discussing quality issues in the University Council, Deans Council, and the official boards of the University.
  3. The Bureau prepares quality documents, procedures and models, and relates them to the Supreme Committee for Quality Assurance in order to adopt.
  4. Bureau of quality Assurance and Accreditation follows up implementation of procedures, and commitment to using models in academic faculties and departments, administrative and supportive centers at the University and its staff.
  5. The Bureau of Accreditation and Quality Assurance attributes to form specialized executive committees to achieve its objectives and tasks. These committees are:
    • Executive Committee for Quality Assurance / academic
    • Executive Committee for Quality Assurance /administrative
  6. The Bureau supervises the work related to its committees, issues instructions, receives reports, and maintains its records and data.
  7. Calls for meetings with the related Executive Committees,keeps records of its meetings, and coordinates with each other when needed.
  8. Prepares the annual report of the University.
  9. Prepares the annual plan of the University.
  10. Prepares the Strategic Plan of the University.
  11. Supervises the follow-up corrective action for the sustained development of performance at the University.
  12. Prosecutes with the executive committees to prepare its annual self-assessment study, to assess performance at the University.
  13. Works to promote quality culture in the University through meetings publications and specialized studies.
  14. Attributes prizes and certificates of appreciation for the distinguished, workers, and innovators in the field of quality at the University.