Is a person who represents an internal side of the University (faculty, department, center), in one of the quality assurance executive committees, and is selected by the management of the side he represents, which must provide for him an independent office to save documents and records of the sidehe represents. The administration has to provide its representative material and human resources that are necessary to implement his tasks. The quality assurance representative must have the desire to work in a team, bear the pressure, be able to command and control, be ready to give and work continuously with his maximum capacity.

His tasks are as follows: 
1. Effective participation in the meetings of the Executive Committee of which he is a member. 
2. Form a quality assurance authority or committee inside the side that he represents according to work needs and size to be an internal implementation tool. 
3. Presides bodies, internal quality committees, coordinate among them, and keeps records of its meetings. 
4. Be responsible for keeping documents and records and set inside the side that represents. 
5. Be responsible for the distribution of documents, quality proceduresand forms used to working within the party that he represents. 
6. Supervises the followed quality procedureswithin the party that he represents, follows up their achievement, and conformity to specifications and standards. 
7. Raise reports to the enrolled Executive Committee in the course of proceedings and the level of achievement in the body he represents. 
8. Works to promote a culture of quality among workers in the body he represents.