The Computer Center is an information and communication technology (ICT) service provider that is recognized for the technical skills of its team, for the optimal application of available resources and for the ability to deliver high-quality ICT services in concert with the mission of the University. These services are delivered through an ICT infrastructure that is comprehensive, up-to-date, responsive, reliable, available, and intuitive.


To provide value through leadership in the development and delivery of innovative computing and information technology solutions to support the teaching, learning, research, and administration goals of the University.
The Computer Center is dedicated to providing technology services to the University in support of its academic and research missions. As knowledge and technology continue to become strategic tools in teaching, research, and administration of the University, it is important that knowledge development and technology implementation and support be effective, timely, and cost-efficient. Through its strategic planning process, the Computer Center has adopted the following goals:
  • The provision of an internal communications network of adequate spread and bandwidth for all research, teaching and management requirements.
  • Access to external global communications networks providing adequate bandwidth for all research, teaching and management requirements.
  • The central provision of a core of shared hardware and software for research, learning and teaching which can be supplemented by specialist provision for specific courses or research projects.
  • Ensure maximum use of today’s technology.
  • Provide a center for good practice in technology.
  • Operate an effective product and process development center.
  • Prepare students for industry.
  • Knowledge & Management: To develop as a learning organization and to streamline processes through investing in Knowledge Management and training.
  • Networking Infrastructure: To implement a high-speed, reliable networking infrastructure that meets or exceeds the current and future requirements for teaching, research, and University administration.
  • Application Infrastructure: To establish a systems infrastructure in support of providing highly available and secure applications, web sites, and data repositories.
  • Administration: To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative tasks and information retrieval at the University through implementation of technology and improved business processes.
  • Delivered Service: To work in partnership with Academic Computing and departmental support units across campus to create a campus-wide support infrastructure for ICT that will deliver competitive support and services to faculty, staff, and students.