1. Prorating the standard of performance in fordau and Arab institutions by priding training courses of distinguished anahty in the filled of administrative development and vocational and technical rehabilitation 
2. Transferring technology scientific knowledge modern applications after adapting them to fit the work, administrative and technical envirn* in our institution. 
3. providing trainees with training material that comply with the Jordanian and Arab environment where they work and with the kind of material that addresses thin environment . 
4. Creating an atmosphere of positive and cooperative climate between the scientific knowledge of the trainers and the brachial experience of the participants in the specialized courses. 
5. Reinforcing the philosophy of continued learning thruway specialized seminars and workshops. 
6. Cooperating with specialized training ceutres in some fields. The centre also allows there centre the opportunity to give their distinguished services under the umbrella of the centre of studies and consultations and communal service at the zaytoonah private University pf Jordan. 
7. The centre adopts the licensee driving computer international (ICDL)