Submission of the abstracts with the preferences (oral or poster presentations) is made electronically

by sending to the e-mail:


All abstract submission is required to be structured under these headings:



The abstract must be less than 300 words.


The conference will cover the following areas in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry

Drug Design and Discovery

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacy Practice

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharmacoeconomics

Pharmacy Administration

 Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance of the abstract for presentation will be based on the concise and accurate presentation of new data. Criteria for rejection include lack of data, commerciality, inconsistent or ambiguous data and reviews of literature, lack of novelty or innovation, or failure to follow format guidelines.

Notification of Acceptance

Notifications will be sent via email to all submitting authors upon review which will be sent to the contact author only.

Abstract Withdrawal

To withdraw an accepted abstract, written notification e-mail must be sent to: