Dr. Sunoqrot receives the Fulbright Scholar award!

Dr. Sunoqrot has been chosen among a few select academics from Jordan to receive the Fulbright Scholar award for the year 2016/2017. She will join Prof. Philip Messersmith’s research group at University of California, Berkeley. Congrats!

Aya defends her thesis!

On July 18, 2016, Dr. Sunoqrot’s first graduate student Ms. Aya Alsadi successfully defended her thesis entitled “Influence of Polymer Type and Its Molecular Weight on the Release of Quercetin from Polymeric Micelles”. Congrats Aya!



Courses Taught


201762    Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology



201221    Pharmaceutics I

201322    Pharmaceutics Laboratory

201521    Pharmacy Practice I

201541    Pharmaceutical Technology


Google Scholar citations:
Publications: (*Corresponding author,Co-first authors)

1.    Sunoqrot, S.*, Alsadi, A., Tarawneh, O., and Hamed, R. Polymer Type and Molecular Weight Dictate the Encapsulation Efficiency and Release of Quercetin from Polymeric Micelles. Colloid and Polymer Science 2017. Link:
2.    Sunoqrot, S.*, Hassan, L., Alsadi, A., Hamed, R., and Tarawneh, O. Interactions of Mussel-Inspired Polymeric Nanoparticles with Gastric Mucin: Implications for Gastro-retentive Drug Delivery. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2017, 156, 1-8. Link:
3.    Hamed, R., Al-Janabi, R., Sunoqrot, S., and Abbas, A. The Effect of pH, Buffer Capacity, and Ionic Strength on Quetiapine Fumarate Release from Matrix Tablets Prepared Using Two Different Polymeric Blends. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2017,
4.    Sunoqrot, S.*, Hamed, R., Abdel-Halim, H., and Tarawneh, O. Synergistic Interplay of Medicinal Chemistry and Formulation Strategies in Nanotechnology – From Drug Discovery to Nanocarrier Design and Development. Current إلى الأعلىics in Medicinal Chemistry 2017, 17(13), 1451-1468. Link:
5.    Hamed, R., Al-Samydai, A., Al Baraghthi, T., Tarawneh, O., and Sunoqrot, S. Influence of HPMC K100LV and Compritol® HD5 ATO on Drug Release and Rheological Behavior of HPMC K4M Matrix Tablets. Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation 2017, 12(1), 62-75. Link:
6.    Hamed, R., Al Baraghthi, T., and Sunoqrot, S. Correlation between the Viscoelastic Properties of the Gel Layer of Swollen HPMC Matrix Tablets and their In Vitro Drug Release. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 2016. Link:
7.    Hamed, R., Basil, M., Al Baraghthi, T., Sunoqrot, S., and Tarawneh, O. Nanoemulsion-Based Gel Formulation of Diclofenac Diethylamine: Design, Optimization, Rheological Behavior and In Vitro Diffusion Studies. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 2016, 21(8), 980-989Link:
8.    Hamed, R., Awadallah, A., Sunoqrot, S., Tarawneh, O., Nazzal, S., Al Baraghthi, T., Al Sayyad, J., and Abbas, A. pH-Dependent Solubility and Dissolution Behavior of Carvedilol – Case Example of A Weakly Basic BCS Class II Drug. AAPS PharmSciTech 2016, 17(2), 418-426.  Link:
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19.   Sunoqrot, S., Bae, J.W., Jin, S.-E., Pearson, R.M., Liu, Y. and Hong, S. Kinetically Controlled Cellular Interactions of Novel Polymer-Polymer and Polymer-Liposome Nanohybrid Systems. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2011, 22(3), 466-474. Link:


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