Bases and Rules for Bridging Student with diploma from Jordan:

1. Students holding Jordanian diploma who passed the comprehensive exam with an average not less than (68%), (except for pharmacy, and engineering, (70%), are accepted in equivalent majors as listed by Ministry of Higher Education.

2. Students who hold community colleges diploma (three year study) and four year study (who are not covered by the system of the comprehensive exam) are allowed to bridging system for equal specializations. But they are subject to progress of the Written Examination held by the BalqaUniversity for the purpose of bridging. Their success should not be less than (68%) except for students who wish to bridge to pharmacy and engineering, they require not less than (70%) in the exam.

3. Minimum average of acceptance for students with special needs is (65%), accompanied by a certified medical report indicating that low achievement is due to the disability.

4. Maximum accredited hours for (2) and (3) years system is (45) and (55) credit hours respectively.

5.Bridging is not allowed for students who have been accepted without the secondary requirement in the disciplines of the Faculty of Al Aqaba or engineering specialties at community colleges.


Student with diploma from outside Jordan:

1-Students who have diploma from outside Jordan may be accepted in equivalent Majors at the University providing that their university is recognized in their home countries.

2-Maximum accredited hours for (2) and (3) years system is (30) and (45) credit hours, respectively, and only courses with average marks not less than (68%) is accepted. For pharmacy and engineering the minimum accepted marks not less than (70%).